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Athletic Mouth Guards

Athletic Mouth Guards

Athletic mouth guards cover the teeth and gums in order to prevent injury to the mouth. It is used most often in contact sports, as a treatment for bruxism or TMD, and as a dental procedure, such as tooth bleaching.

Mouth guards are used in sports that can be potentially dangerous to the face and jaw. Such sports include baseball, boxing, mixed martial arts, basketball, football, and other contact sports. In most cases, the use of a mouth guard can prevent harm and sometimes a level of concussion in the event of an impact to the face or jaw. In many sports, mouth guards are compulsory. Schools often have rules requiring their use.

However, even with regular use, the effectiveness in prevention is not one-hundred percent successful. Injuries can still occur as most users are not always aware of whether the mouth guard is perfectly fit for their mouth, which can inevitably result in a poor fit. Though, at 7 Day Dental, our dentists will ensure that the athletic mouth guards are personalized for you to make the protection more effective.

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