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Deep Cleaning

If your teeth is not taken care of properly, and you do not receive the dental care that you should be having, the plaque, tartar, and leftover food particles will then provide the right environment to allow bacteria to grow and thrive. The growth of the bacteria can soon cause infection that can maybe even affect you through inflaming your mouth, gums, or throat. A lot of the bacteria may also cause your gums to bleed more easily. Also, the inflammation may begin to affect the foundations of the tooth, creating a “periodontal pocket” that allows bacteria to grow and develop. This unhealthy dental hygiene can therefore cause you to develop gum disease or gingivitis—oral diseases that may harm not just your entire mouth, but also your body.

Therefore, you want to stop the gum diseases from occurring. Luckily, if caught on time, you may be able to halt the progressing damage caused by the disease and improve upon them. In order to do so, your dentist may resort to deep cleaning, otherwise known as periodontal therapy. This procedure will help you get rid of all the bacteria in order for healing to occur.

In a deep cleaning, you will go through not just scaling, like in regular dental cleanings, but you will also go through root planing. Scaling is the procedure that removes all the dental tartar from the surfaces of your teeth, while root planing is the procedure that smoothens out the root surfaces and removes any infected tooth structure. Depending on the depth of your periodontal pocket, your dentist may ask to numb the gum area in order to make the procedure feel more comfortable. Dentists may even ask to inject anesthetics for these deeper pockets. However, in the case of some not so deep pockets, there would be no need for anesthetics or numbing injection as there will be no pain—only the feeling of the physical scraping of your teeth.

However, unlike the regular dental cleanings, deep cleanings may take multiple appointments to complete, as it may be done per quadrant. In these cases though, 7 Day Dental will be able to comply with your schedule, especially since we are open seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. We want to provide you with the best dental care, and so we will accommodate to your schedule!

After completing the entire deep cleaning however, you can expect:

• Discomfort among the areas with done with root planing.
• More sensitive teeth.

However, our doctors are here to support and help you, so if you are in the need of a deep cleaning and if you want to begin anew, be sure to call 7 Day Dental Euclid for your deep cleaning procedure and book your appointment today!