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Denture Repairs, Relines, And Adjustments

Are you in a lot of pain? Are your teeth causing you difficulty throughout your day? Maybe you need an extraction! Here at 7 Day Dental, we understand that extractions do not sound appealing. Rather, they sound stressful and expensive. Yet, we take pride in our expertise in extraction services. Our family of trained professionals can provide extraction services once they determine that certain teeth cannot be restored or cared for. This requires an X-ray, which can be done at our facility. It is imperative to remember to speak to our dentists about your health conditions, such as the medications you are taking, before pursing extraction services.

So what exactly are extraction services? Great question! Extraction services include three denture types: repairs, relines, and adjustments. Denture repairs are very common. There are two basic types of repairs, simple repairs and repairs with impressions. Denture relines refit the denture to your gums through new impressions. Both repairs and relines can be completed in the same day to accommodate for your busy schedule. Denture adjustments, on the other hand, lessen soreness that is caused by high spots where the denture rests in your gums. Don’t worry about all the options! Before getting dentures, our staff executes a thorough examination to see what type of the above treatments is best for you.

Have we convinced you yet? If you have questions or concerns about dentures and whether they are right for you, please contact us here at 7 Day Dental. We are here to address all of your worries immediately. So don’t delay! Make an appointment today. We look forward to seeing you soon!