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Immediate Implant

April 29, 2013

My teeth are my favorite features. I invest my time brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash every day and night. I also visit my dentist twice a year. I have never had any problems with my teeth. Other than having my usual checkups that consist of teeth cleaning, having any major procedure done was never necessary. What can I say – I just love my teeth.

Life, however, is full of surprises, and not all of them are the omg-best-day-ever ones. Sometimes, these surprises are unexpected and unwarranted. As I was driving home late one night from work, a car expected came onto my lane. To avoid a collision, I slammed my brakes and my pickup truck skidded and collided into the center divider. There weren�t any serious injuries; however, my car was an old model without the shoulder straps. Although my lap belts prevented me from flying out of my front window, it didn’t help when it came to the battle between my teeth vs. steering wheel. My upper body was thrown forward and in result, my two front teeth broke due to the impact.

Next thing I know, I’m in the dentist’s chair in less than twenty-four hours. In spite of taking extreme measures to perfect my teeth, I was faced with an oral crisis. I was sure that I just lost two of my front teeth. They were past cosmetic repair, but after inspection, my dentist asked if I knew about dental implants. I told her that one of my coworkers had the procedure done. She replied by telling me that it was the answer to my condition. I didn�t look convinced and I think you could tell so she continued that they would look natural just like before the accident. I felt relieved, like a weight lifted from my shoulder. She even told me that the cost was affordable and it was necessary to have the procedure as soon as possible. However, I realized how time consuming the process would take. I should have mentioned that I am a freelance contractor, which means that I lose money every time I am away from my office. I explained my circumstances, also revealing that receiving dental implants would be lengthy. Implants would cause a disruption in my work schedule and I wouldn’t be able to feed myself without my income.

She went on ahead and told me about the operation anyway. My dentist clarified that dental implants are surgically placed in the bone of the jaw, an abutment is attached onto the implant, and the artificial tooth, or crown, affixes to the abutment. When the procedure was introduced, patients were required to make multiple appointments. First, the bad tooth, or teeth, had to be extracted, after which a bone graft was done on the site of the jaw receiving the implant; then the patient would need to return months later to have the jaw drilled, the threaded implant installed, and the gum re-sutured. Afterward, the bone tissue had to be given time to heal. Finally, the patient must return once again to receive the abutment and crown. She explained that when dental implants first became available, patients did have to schedule many visits. On average, the entire implant process took several months, sometimes longer. And then she said the magic sentence, �In your case, we can place your implants today if you’d like.

We�ve known each other for years so initially, I thought she was kidding. Except she enlightened me with more of her magic �I could have them both done today! Nevertheless, there are factor to take into consideration, such as bone density and overall oral health. My dentist established that I was an acceptable candidate for the procedure. I left her office, in just a couple of hours, with new implants! Even though I did have to come up for a regular follow up, the same-day implant was so suitable to my situation that my work schedule remained undisrupted.

That was me two years ago. Today, I have no problems with my “new” teeth because they look and feel just as natural as my original ones. If you were browsing around and read my story, I hope you don’t hesitate to consult your dentist to find out if you’re eligible. Life is full of surprises; and this surprise became an OMG-best-day-ever surprise!

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