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Metal-Free Partial Dentures

Are you embarrassed by your missing teeth? Now with metal-free partial dentures, no one has to know that you are missing teeth. You can hide it perfectly well. Here at 7 Day Dental, our family of trained dentists and caring staff members is available to help you and your family explore the option of metal-free partial dentures. Don’t be confused. To make it simple, metal-free partial dentures are dentures that get rid of metal hooks when you smile.

Metal-free partial dentures are comfortable and affordable choices. At 7 Day Dental, we make sure that your dentures do not get in the way of your daily activities. We promise to make you and your oral health our number one priority. Metal-free partial dentures are effective, allowing you to have the flexibility you have always wanted. That means that your dentures will not move here and there while you are talking, smiling, or eating. In addition, they are durable and feel amazing!

Metal-free partial dentures give you the confidence to do everything you want with a perfect smile! So why wait? Don’t delay. Make an appointment today! If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our family of trained dentists at 7 Day Dental. See you very soon!