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Oral Cancer Screening ViziLite


ViziLite® is a simple and quick oral cancer screening procedure recommended to all new and current adult dental patients. All patients are recommended to receive the ViziLite® procedure annually. Patients with a background in oral cancer should receive the ViziLite® procedure at least semi-annually.

ViziLite® exams are painless and can easily detect precancerous abnormalities. If the oral cancer is found early enough, it can be successfully treated in 90% of patients. This is why 7 Day Dental offers ViziLite® and recommends a yearly oral cancer screening.

This oral screening exam is first administered through a light wand. Our hygienist uses the light wand to detect for any signs of oral cancer. They place the light wand in your mouth and look for areas that glow. The glow is a sign of an abnormality. If there are abnormalities that are detected, you will move to step two of the ViziLite® screening. Step two consists of dabbing a dye, or t-blue, on the areas that glow. The dye process has three swabs. The first is of a vinegar solution. The second has the t-blue solution. The final one is of another vinegar solution. If the dye wipes off, the result is negative. If it does not wipe off, the area needs to be biopsied. At this instant, your screening is complete and your hygienist will inform you of your next steps.

Thus, ViziLite’s® quick screening is an easy way to detect cancerous abnormalities and find early lesions before they become more advanced.

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