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Oral Cancer

Early detection has been proven time and time again to be the answer for saving a persons life when it comes to oral cancer and its progress. In some aggressive cases of oral cancer, portions of the tongue and muscles near the area get removed, which create diminished saliva production and function. Oral cancer is considered to be the deadliest disease in the field of dentistry and its awareness continues to be amplified. It is very important to get oral cancer screenings at every check up and to make sure the dentist is inspecting the tongue, cheeks, palate, lips, and lymph nodes. At 7 Day Dental, our dentist make sure that nothing is irregular or unsymmetrical. Many of the survivors of oral cancer are those who are detected early on. Timing is crucial since oral cancer is one of the most aggressive types of cancers. For the patients with late-stages of cancer it is much more difficult to prevent further damage and most have invasive procedures done to stop the cancer from spreading. Oral cancer does not only affect the person enduring the actual disease but it is traumatic to those around them. Familial relationships and friendships are sacrificed due to the severe circumstances and the emotional turmoil. Early detection is the key to surviving the rapidly deteriorating effects of oral cancer on one’s physical and emotional status.