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Orthodontic Screening Recommendation

April 29, 2013

According to the American Association of Orthodontists the appropriate age for an orthodontic screening should be by age 7.  Children, especially those around age 7 are ideal candidates for orthodontic screenings because it is when crowding and bite problems begin to occur.  Children who receive early treatment are at an advantage because their jaw can grow with proper tooth placement as well.  The shapes of the dental arches are also improved and have the correct width and expansion.  The eruption patterns can also be controlled and improved to decrease harmful oral habits.  A child will develop a high self-esteem throughout their teenage years and will have a better overall appearance.  Since the child is still emerging into adulthood, their oral anatomy changes quickly which allows the treatment time for later corrective braces to decrease significantly.  Starting orthodontic screenings early will also allow there to be less of a chance to develop impacted permanent teeth and improve speech problems.  Overall, an orthodontist screening leads to more effective treatment planning and a wonderful result for the patient. Call us today at 949-365-1900 to schedule your orthodontic appointment.

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