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Pediatric Dentistry

boy cleans a teethTimid, shy, and scared, children all over the world usually have one common fear—that being the dentist’s office. In the world of their imagination, dentists impose themselves as evil, fearless beings who try to yank the teeth out of all children and keep the tooth for their own personal gain. With this tremendous fear that children have for dentists, it must be difficult for their parents to bring them to the dentist office to get simple procedures, such as a check up or cleaning. It must be even harder for the parents to get their child to cooperate with the dentist and ensure that the child does not get themselves hurt by moving around too much while the dentist is performing a procedure. Loud cries and sobs that come from these children might even scare the other children in the waiting room tremendously; causing them to have the same loud cry and sob that will affect other children, like a chain reaction. Thus, with this huge fear of dentists, it must be hard to find the right children’s dentist, especially in Orange County, where several lurk throughout the cities
Searching for the best children’s dentist in Orange County might be stressful and might seem like an unbearably long task. However, the search for the best children’s dentist in Orange County is over. 7 Day Dental has a variety of children’s dentist, or pediatric dentists, that are extremely kid friendly, and will definitely make your child’s visit opposite of that of their imagination. Our pediatric dentists are sure to make your child feel comfortable and safe, ensuring that their experience at the dentist will be one of fun and relaxation—no fear. Our pediatric dentists connect with kids easily, making their relationship move away from just dentist and child, but to friends. Our pediatric dentists’ main concern is to make the child and their parents feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Without first establishing this tone and environment, the dentist will not proceed, even though they do have extensive knowledge that ensures their success rate. Their main goal is to ensure that your child’s visit will make their return to the dentist less stressful and less forceful.

Not only do our pediatric dentists create a fun, comfortable environment, but the waiting room often also plays a significant role in developing the tone as well. Our waiting rooms often include a kids’ lounge, which prioritize the kids. Filled with stickers, televisions, and video games, our kids’ lounge makes the child’s wait for the dentist less suspenseful. They are able to forget what might come of meeting the dentist and shed all their fear away at the lounge. The video games and television might also make them feel at home, and thus make them feel more comfortable at the office. Not only are children allowed to play video games and watch television, but they are also able to interact with other children. In this case, they are able to make and meet new friends—thus also making them feel more comfortable as they begin to surround themselves with people that they know. Thus, with our kids’ lounge, it is no wonder that the children who visit the office feel more safe and comfortable as opposed to the other offices.

Our office does not only prioritize your child’s comfortableness in our office, but we also consider convenience. Open seven days a week, including weekends and after hours, we make it easy for your child to visit when they do not have school. Thus, they would not need to go behind on school work or class work just for the dentist appointment. We consider your child’s and your schedule, and want to make it easy for you. Therefore, our convenience factor and availability at your time makes our pediatric dentists the right dentist for your child.

With so many children’s dentists in Orange County, it is hard to find the right one. Though, with our goal to make your child happy and comfortable, as well as our convenience, there is no need to keep searching for the best dentist. So, be sure to visit 7 Day Dental. We hope to see you soon!

"Dr. Marfatia and Staff (Jessica and Raissa), I just wanted to say thanks for treating my son with great care! He's 4 years of age and shed maybe a couple of tears. Quite the contrary of what I thought he would react. Jessica and Raissa were also great with my son, they were very professional and knowlegable with additional questions I had after we saw the doctor. Thanks again! "
C. C. – Orange County, CA

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